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Private Lessons

Private music lessons on piano, woodwinds (flute, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, oboe), ukelele, recorder. Children and adults welcome, beginner to advanced.

Group Lessons

Group ukelele lessons (child and adult classes); Beginner Campfire Guitar (Adult)

Band/Orchestra Clinics

School and community band/orchestra clinics specializing in woodwinds and full band. 

Music Festival Adjudication

Adjudication in woodwinds, piano, and full band.

Special Events

Piano, bassoon, or chamber music for special events including weddings, funerals, and private parties; singalongs for children and adults. 

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Sound Therapy
"A massage from the inside out" with sound, using singing bowls and a variety of other instruments. Individual and group services available.
Find out more about sound therapy here

Music Therapy

Services for the neurodiverse and for the elderly. Includes singing, rhythm instruments, movement, and story-telling. Individual and group services available. 

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Workshops & Pro-D 

      Team Building

  • Sound Bath (1 hour) Beginning with breathing basics, enjoy an hour of

       sound immersion and                   vibrational healing. Come
       away ready to take on the           world!

  • 1/2 Day Sound Therapy

       An excellent choice for a               1/2 day of Pro-D. Learn the            science behind how our                bodies process sound and            experience first hand the              benefits of sound on our              minds & bodies.

  • Multiple Session Series Boundless Sounds will provide a custom series of sound sessions based on the needs of your group. Consultation with a representative from the organization is a must in order to best meet the needs of participants.

  • Sound and Water Workshop

       Learn about sonocytology             and cymatics: the study of             sound waves, their                       visualization, and the effect           of sound on living cells.                 Involves hands-on playing of         singing bowls and the                   playing of bowls on  the                 body.

Music Educator Workshops

   Workshops available for both       student teachers and                   practicing teachers:

  • Teaching Music for the Elementary Generalist

  • Kodaly for K-3

  • Engaging Classroom Music Ideas for Grades 4 - 7

  • Teaching Music to the Neurodiverse 

  • Professionalism for the Modern Educator

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Special Projects

Check out my Special Projects page to see some of the things that have been made possible through collaboration with other artists. Do you have an idea involving music and/or sound that you've always wanted to bring to fruition? Try me!

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