Artist Residency

It was very exciting to have partnered with Rocio Graham at the Agua-Viva Artist Residency she hosted in July. Seven artists from across the country gathered at Santa Rosa Arts and Healing for a week of exploration of art through water. Below are pics of our half-day session experimenting with cymatics (the visual depiction of the effects of vibration on water) and sonocytology (the effect of sound on cells).  Our work included examining individual relationships with water and the healing potential of water and sound.  https://www.santarosaarts.com/about-5  https://www.rociograhamstudio.com/

Lori and Singing Bowls at Cascade Beach
Rocio and her Mom working with Singing bowls on beach

Summer Camp

In August 2022, Boundless Sounds joined forces with Grand Forks Performing Arts to provide musical instruction and exploration at Summer Camp. We had SO MUCH FUN!!!


Lori and kids in action at the Grand Forks Performing Arts Camp 2022
Lori singing with bajolele at Grand Forks Performing Arts Camp

Boundless Sounds and the Christina Lake Arts & Artisans Society (CLAAS)

In September 2022, Boundless Sounds and special guest Randy Messier partnered with CLAAS to present a Community Singalong - the first of its kind in years. Over two dozen community members attended and sang along with unparalleled enthusiasm to their favourite songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. @christinalakearts www.christinalakearts.com/events